Castles of Steel and Thunder in Paperback

If you’ve been reading recently, you’ll know that the last month or so has been a very exciting time for me. My debut novel, Castles of Steel and Thunder, launched in November as an eBook and quickly went to the top of two Amazon categories in the eBook charts. Recently, I took delivery of my own small print run, which, as you can imagine, was really rather thrilling. Between advance sales to local people, sales through Lindsey Gallacher’s studio in Thurso, and purchases from regular readers of my blog, this batch is already close to selling out. I owe huge thanks to my local community in Caithness – and to the people who read my blog regularly from further afield – for really getting behind the book these last few weeks and helping to spread the message about COSAT (and yes, that’s the abbreviation we’re going with 😉 ). I have always believed there is something quite special about the close-knit community I’m part of here in Caithness, and the last few weeks have been a testament to this. The same applies to the wonderful support I’ve had from my other community – the people who regularly read, share, and comment on Wellies on the School Run. At the end of what’s been an unprecedented year it’s been such a comfort.

It’s also been a reminder that for so many of us, community is at the heart of everything we are.

Castles of Steel and Thunder Paperback

Of course, though, not everyone lives in Caithness, or knows how to connect Wellies on the School Run to Castles of Steel and Thunder. And so I’m delighted to say that the book is also available to purchase as a paperback on Amazon. You can find the link to the book here (if you are outside the UK you will probably need to search for the book through your ‘local’ Amazon site). Hopefully, this will help spread the word on COSAT outside of Caithness – in the book, the land of the ‘Never Night.’ If you’re intrigued by a story that combines the folklore of Caithness with a tale of romance and adventure, I hope you’ll enjoy it. (And if you do, please leave a review on Amazon – it’s so helpful in encouraging them to put your book in front of other eyes).

I’ll leave you with the blurb from the novel, which is aimed at a secondary school audience up (although the book falls into the Young Adult category, there is no upper age limit in terms of who can enjoy it). If I had to sum the book up in one line, it’s about the power of stories – and about love.

I hope you enjoy being introduced to Sysa, Grey, Brodie, Lavellan and the others.

And of course, to Caithness – my beloved land of the ‘Never Night.’

G x

Castles of Steel and Thunder Gail Anthea Brown

In Caithness, in the time of faeries, Sysa Steel lives a secluded life with Grey, her Grandfather.

That all changes when Grey takes Sysa to a faerie mound and she disappears into a strange, mysterious world.

Once there, Sysa discovers the truth about her family and a quest for vengeance that threatens their existence. Meeting Brodie and Lavellan complicates things, while answers seem to lie in the stories Grey told her as a child.

With everything at stake, Sysa must challenge the force of the Castle of Thunder.

In a world full of magic, is the power of stories the greatest power of all?