Castles of Steel and Thunder is Here – and a Very Special Offer

I’m delighted to announce that after weeks of editing, proof reading – and spending rather a lot of time in loungewear – my first novel, Castles of Steel and Thunder launches officially today as an eBook. For today only, you can buy the eBook at the very special price of £1.99 (normal price £5.99). If you prefer print books, the paperback will be launching soon, and I’ll keep you posted here with details. But if you would like to support me today for less than the price of a takeaway coffee, I’d be so grateful for your support. The number of purchases of the eBook today will decide my ranking in the bestseller charts, and encourage Amazon to show my book to other people browsing the Kindle Store. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read the book on the free Kindle app on any other device.

Best of all, you’ll be helping a first-time author (me!) get noticed. And I really hope you might enjoy the story, too.

You can buy the eBook here (apologies if you’re catching up after the expiry of the special offer.)

Inspired by Caithness legends including The Piper of Windy Ha’ and The Olrig Selkie Grave.

Age range: secondary school age up (ALL the way upwards.)

A story for lovers of romance, folklore, otherworldly beings, and of course – Caithness.

In Caithness, in the time of faeries, Sysa Steel lives a secluded life with Grey, her Grandfather.

That all changes when Grey takes Sysa to a faerie mound and she disappears into a strange, mysterious world.

Once there, Sysa discovers the truth about her family and a quest for vengeance that threatens their existence. Meeting Brodie and Lavellan complicates things, while answers seem to lie in the stories Grey told her as a child.

With everything at stake, Sysa must challenge the force of the Castle of Thunder.

In a world full of magic, is the power of stories the greatest power of all?

Castles of Steel and Thunder Gail Anthea Brown


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