Beach Days, Bullet Journals, Special Occasions and 90’s Nostalgia – #LittleLoves

The summer holidays are in full swing here in the north of Scotland, and unbelievably, we’ve already passed the half way point of our 7-week long break. The month has been a whirlwind of lovely weather, special occasions, family get-togethers and day trips. Let’s face it, if the weather stays like this for the remainder of our holiday why on earth would we want to be anywhere but here? 🙂

View of person walking along Thurso beach on sunny dayView of sand dunes heading toward Dunnet Beach in CaithnessCoffee on table outside at Blue Door Diner, Caithness

The kids have also had a fantastic month, with the arrival of their cousins from the central belt heralding a week of sleepovers, playdates and beach fun. My husband and I also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this month and we all enjoyed a lovely meal out at a local restaurant to celebrate the day. We had a lovely day trip ‘up west’ and also enjoyed a couple of little breaks in the campervan. Best of all, my sister had a new baby this month, leading to lots of marvelling over tiny feet, tiny toes and how the rest of our collective children could ever have been THAT small.

Picture of wine on windowsill with harbour viewPhoto of trees and view towards Talmine beach, SutherlandViews from Melness, Sutherland, over Skinnet beach with view of mountainsPhoto of 'best new baby boy in Caithness' card against flowers


I had a bumper month of reading in July and you can find out all about that here in my latest Reading Lately post. I also happened to pick up a copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in my local charity shop (which left me wondering whether I was the last person on social media who hadn’t already crossed it off their list!) I’ve been having a brief Dragonfly In Amber hiatus over the past few days to dip into it – and all I can say is love, love, loving it! If like me, you’re late to the party on this one, it’s a fantastic read for summer – the fact that it’s set in Glasgow is a little bonus for us Scottish folks aswell!

Picture of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine book against flowers


We haven’t been watching much at all lately – a combination of good weather and the school holidays. To be honest, even watching the news is a struggle with the kids at home – if you need any information on current or political affairs please don’t hope to find it here! If, on the other hand, you like the sound of a bit of nostalgia, do pop over to my post on Dawson’s Creek – the only thing I have been watching (or more accurately, re-watching) lately. At the moment I’m all about the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle. And questions like ‘did we really wear such baggy clothes on the late 1990’s?’ Thank goodness for slim fit t-shirts, tapered trousers, tailoring and skinny jeans!

Dawson's Creek DVD and Flowers


I haven’t been listening to much either this month (not doing very well, am !?) My usual dog walk/podcast regime has been happily interrupted by the company of two medium sized human boys on walks. Instead, I’ve been treated to conversations on the intricacies of Little Big Planet and the content of Dan TDM’s latest YouTube videos. The best thing I heard this month was my youngest son saying to my eldest ‘you’re my best friend’ and my eldest son saying the same thing back to him. We’re very lucky that they get on so well (there are only 2 years between them and they have pretty much everything in common). Let’s hope it lasts, eh? Moments like that make me feel that my work as Mum is done!

Two boys looking out over harbour view


I’ve spent a lot of time this month in shorts, sandals and other summer favourites (hasn’t everyone?) We never quite get the heady temperatures of the south here in Caithness but to be honest that suits me pretty well. There’s a lot to be said for a sea breeze in the middle of a heatwave, and I also quite like the ability to sleep at night 😉 . That said, the sun and blue skies are my favourite – just show me them at any time of year and I’m a very happy girl!

Photo of blogger in shorts holding brightly coloured flowersGail on sand dune in Dunnet looking out over beachPhoto from above of bright yellow wildflowers held in hand


The only thing I’ve ‘made’ in my bullet journal this month is our summer bucket list. It looks like we need to pick up the pace a little, doesn’t it? (honestly – there are a few more ticks on it since I took this snap last week). I’m really enjoying the slower pace of the holidays and the chance to spend some QT with the little men. The holidays have also made me quite reflective – thinking about happiness, learning experiences and encouraging other people – you can read all about that in my post on Lighting Candles here.

A picture of bullet journal from above, with summer acitivity list spread

And on the subject of the ‘h’ word here’s wishing you a lovely month ahead in August. Let’s make the last official month of summer one filled with lots of Little Loves 🙂 . I’ll be back next month with another round up of all the things I’ve been reading, watching – and perhaps even listening to 😉 –  once the schools go back. In the meantime, what are you looking forward to over the next month? Lots more reading, beach days and sunshine anyone? 🙂

G x

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