Reading Lately – May 2018

It’s going to be a quick round up this month, as I’ve had a light month on the book front. After all my boasts about my exciting to-read pile last month I managed to read the sum total of just two šŸ˜‰ . That said, one of them was Outlander, which stretches to over 850 pages, so I hope you’ll be able to forgive me šŸ™‚ . I promise to do a bit better in June *makes mental note toĀ seek out shorter books on to-read pile to start next*.

So anyway, back to Outlander, my love for which will be no stranger to you if you read my blog on a regular basis. After drooling over the TV adaption of Diana Gabaldon’s book series for so long I thought it was time to give theĀ first instalmentĀ a try. And it didn’t disappoint – in fact, predictably I suppose,Ā I loved it. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, it’s an epic story about a womanĀ (Claire), who travels back fromĀ 1946 toĀ the Scotland of two hundred years before.Ā Ā Along the way, she becomes involved withĀ the localĀ Mackenzie clanĀ – and even more involved with Jamie, one of the young Scotsmen connected to them. Which would all beĀ fine without the minor issue of Claire’s existing 1946 husband – and the fact that one of said husband’s ancestors, Black Jack Randall, has a sadistic obsession with her new-found beau. That’s just the start of it – there really is a lot going on and I applaud anyone who can keep up with all theĀ characters and connections.Ā That said, reading Outlander is a bit like watching aĀ drama series or soapĀ opera that you get really into – you just want the stories to go on and on.Ā Ā It’s a proper can’t-breathe-without-you kind of love story and I can’t wait to read the other instalments. In the spirit of mixing up my book reviews, though, I’ll try my bestĀ to spread them out a bitĀ šŸ˜‰ .

Outlander Book.JPG

My other book for the Month was Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste NG. I must admit it took me a while to get into this (I’d gone too deep into Claire and Jamie mode), but once I did I found a thought-provoking story I heartily enjoyed. The story revolvesĀ mainly around two mothersĀ – the straight-down-the-middle Elena Richardson andĀ artistic single parent Mia, and how their familiesĀ become embroiled when the case of an abandoned baby sparks unexpected consequences for them all. It’s a fantastic story about motherhood, culture and identity and it really makes you second guess yourself – if you happen to be in a book group it would be a fantastic book to share.

Little Fires Everywhere Book.JPG

So that’s it for this very short reading round up. I’ll be back in June with (fingers crossed) a few more books to tell you all about. In the meantime, do let me know what you’ve been reading lately. I’m always on the lookout for suggestions for myĀ summer readingĀ pile! šŸ™‚

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