Life Within Four Corners – Spring 2018

Welcome back to Life Within Four Corners, where I share some of my favourite photos, and the stories that went along with them each season. I used to do this on a monthly basis but to be honest, so many weekly and monthly commitments were getting too much for me to keep up with on the blog. I still share my favourite #lifewithinfourcorners photos over on Instagram – thanks to everyone who joins in each month.¬† If you’d like to see more, do pop over and follow me on there. Instagram is by far my favourite social media channel – it’s turning into something of a mini-blog in itself!

Spring may already be blending into summer for many places across the country, but here in the North of Scotland the second season of the year is only just getting into full swing. After a long cold, winter we’ve had several weeks of (mostly) lovely weather. The key to May happiness? Plant a cherry tree in your garden. It’s a tried and tested formula that’s been working for me for years ūüėČ .

Cherry Blossom May 2018Apple Blossom 2018
Aside from blossom love, there’s been plenty to entertain us as the days have been getting longer. Back in the Easter holidays we had a wonderful time touring the country in search of Outlander-inspired locations – you can read more about that here. We also had plenty of days out at home, in search of both Groatie Buckies (tiny cowrie shells revered locally), and reading material, at a roadside telephone-box book kiosk. And of course there were¬†daffodils – back in April we enjoyed a¬†wonderful day at the Thrumster House Gardens near Wick in the company of the¬†loveliest yellows of the Spring.

Dunure Harbour Outlander
Groatie Buckies Caithness
The Exchange Book Kiosk Caithness
Daffodils Thrumster HouseDaffodil SwingsDaffodil Swing Thrumster

Still close to home, for me, there was a day out to the John O’ Groats Book Festival. There was also a writing retreat at the wonderful setting of Forse of Nature, about 30 minutes away from where I live.¬†I enjoyed a¬†wonderful weekend of creating – which also invoved a bit of dreamcatcher-making. Mine was of course inspired by all things floral – looking back at my camera roll over the past few months I’d say florals is pretty much a theme!

John O Groats SignForse of Nature Latheron, CaithnessForse of Nature ScenesFloral Dreamcatcher

Earlier in May, we enjoyed another weekend¬†away in the campervan on the trail of the other¬†main theme in my life¬†lately – Outlander.¬†This time, we had a lovely visit to the Highland Folk Museum¬†in Kingussie, as well as¬†a wander round the¬†Wardlaw Mausoleum in Kirkhill¬†which both have connections to the show. I’ve yet to write a blog post on¬†these other locations as¬†we still have another weekend trip planned to contribute to it. Let’s just say I have a very understanding husband – and for the record my kids and my dog are pretty nice aswell ūüėČ .

Highland Folk Museum
Wardlaw Mausoleum.JPG

Back home, there have been Spring walks, sea views and books on the to-read list. There’s also of course, been the Royal Wedding and a family tea party to enjoy. And as always there¬†were supermarket bouquets, food, and cups of coffee (even though I’m meant to be cutting back on caffeine). And speaking of food, I must get going. The sun is shining and I have a barbeque to prepare…. ūüôā


Sea View May 2018To Read May 2018
Ideas for Celebrating the Royal Wedding.JPG
Royal Wedding Tea Party
Feet and RosesDairy Free Eton MessBlue Door Diner Thurso Coffees