Daffodils, Reveal, Abba Fever and a Few Changes – #LittleLoves

It’s been a lovely week here in wellies and for most of the last few days the sun has been shining brightly. Aside from the odd downpour (and that moment of April madness – hailstones?!), the weather has been really very good. We had a lovely morning on Saturday exploring the daffodil gardens at Thrumster House near Wick when they opened to the public. Apart from being slowed down by a pesky cold I’m excited about the new season – and of course about sharing another week of my favourite little loves!

Daffodil Swing Thrumster

Daffodil Day Boys.JPG

Daffodil Swings

Daffodil Day Thrumster House.JPG


Last week I finished off Reveal by Robbie Williams. You can read lots more about it, and all the other books I read in April, in the Reading Lately post I wrote this week. I’ve also just started reading Outlander – after banging on about the series for so long I thought I’d really better put my money where my mouth is. The only snag is that it’s over 850 pages long which even for me is rather massive. Let’s hope my reading round up next month doesn’t amount to the sum total of just one!

Reveal Book Robbie Williams


I’ve finally finished watching the third series of Outlander (the tv show this time – my apologies to any non-Outlander fans who are wearying of this Outlander-related overload!) It was the usual existential crisis which accompanies the end of my favourite box sets which led to me to turning my attentions to the books!  We also went to see Avengers: Infinity War which was very good if you like that sort of thing. It passed the Mummy acid test anyway: me not falling asleep at a late afternoon viewing in a warm, dark room is recommendation in itself!


On Friday I heard the exciting news that Abba have reunited to record some new material. The best news for a Friday – or in fact any day of any given week 🙂 . I’m a big believer that Dancing Queen should be on every playlist in the world – just ever . In case you need a reminder why,  just take a look at this.


Last week I got myself some new Topshop Jamie jeans. I can really recommend them if you like a skinny jean that’s got a little bit of stretch. They’re slightly high-waisted, which is always a positive if you’re over 30 (okay, 40) or have ever given birth to children. I accessorised them with some roses of the from-me-to-me variety – a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Just tell my husband they’ve been added to his tab 😉 .

Feet and Roses.JPG


Not so long ago I made a decision to cut back on caffeine, and as you do, wrote about it here on the blog if you want to have a peek. Not complete exclusion – I probably have 1-2 coffees a week now. When I do treat myself though, let me tell you, I savour every single sip!

Blue Door Diner Almond Latte


The Little Loves link up that I join in with each week has now been changed to a monthly linky, which means that from now on I will only be sharing my Little Loves at the end of every month. I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone who enjoys the weekly round up – on the positive side, it may free up more of my time to write some of those posts that have been on my to-write list for a while! I’ll be back sometime after the 31st May when the next link up goes live (but there will be lots more Wellies on the School Run posts before that! ) In the meantime, here’s wishing you a fabulous month of little loves – and may your start to Spring be full of wonderful things to read, watch, make, wear and the rest 🙂 .

G x

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