Outlander, Road Trips, Watching the Sunset and Holiday Reading – #LittleLoves

Gosh it seems such a long time since I wrote on here about my Little Loves! In one way the school holidays seem to have flown by and in another I seem to have done very little blogging for so long. I do try to keep my blog ticking over during holiday periods, but usually it’s with posts I have written and scheduled in advance of the schools breaking up. It’s always nice to have that period of downtime and flexibility when the kids are at home. But this week I’m also eager to get my fingers to the keyboard and share my Little Loves with you once again 🙂 .

We had a fantastic Easter break here which included an Outlander-inspired road trip, an excess of Easter eggs, and lots of gold stars on the Easter bucket list I wrote about before the hols. It also included the usual mix of Scottish weather, cinema visits and the odd almond latte or 20 whenever a café serving non-dairy caffeinated beverages was in sight 😉  . Thankfully, we had more than blue skies and chocolate to keep us feeling sweet over the holidays and I managed to do a lot of reading, watching and all the other things that make up my weekly happy list. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me take you through them one by one…… 🙂

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Sea from a Seat

The Exchange Book Kiosk Caithness

Almond Latte.JPG

Groatie Buckies Caithness.JPG


I had a fab couple of weeks on the reading front over the holidays – one of the advantages of travelling by campervan is that come evening there isn’t very much to do 😉 – and I absolutely loved both the books I whizzed through – We Own The Sky by Luke Allnut and Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Lots more on these in my Reading Lately post at the end of the month but for now I can tell you they’re both absolutely fantastic. Both include difficult subject matter but if you can cope with that they are two books I’d highly recommend.

We Own The Sky Book

Then She Was Gone Book


What else in preparation for our Outlander Road Trip than Outlander! If you haven’t seen it, it’s a fantastic series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon about a time-travelling nurse who finds herself slap bang in the middle of the Jacobite uprising of 1745. If you like all things other-worldly, Scotland and epic romance, you’ll love it. Be warned though – it’s not family viewing by any means so you’ll need to be in full charge of the remote control!


Lots of listening to the birds singing on our road trip and watching sunsets like this one which we saw at Loch Rannoch. If you ever need to take a moment and just breathe, I can definitely recommend 🙂 .

Loch Rannoch View


Well, I think we made the most of the holidays but as usual it’s sad to see them leave us. There will be lots more on our Outlander road trip on a blog post coming very soon. Thank goodness for photos, memories and the promise of Summer on the horizon, eh folks? I’ll see you again next week for more of life’s happy things in the shape of little loves 🙂 .


Dunure Harbour Outlander

Culzean Castle at Sunset.JPG

Maidens Ayrshire

Dunure Castle Selkie Island Outlander

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