Faking Friends, Pretty in Pink, A Writing Milestone and Trying to Play the Piano #LittleLoves

Last week was a quieter week here in the WOTSR household, and after the hectic nature of the previous week we were all ready to take a little break. I spent less time writing on my blog and more on writing my book and the play I’ve been working on for my Tuesday evening writer’s group. I’m actually feeling rather chuffed, as I’ve finally made it to the 30,000 words mark on my book. When I say that though, I think it’s actually likely to fall into the young adult/fantasy/local interest genre (is that even a thing?) so it isn’t going to be an especially long one. To be honest, I’m now nearing the end of it (a bit too short really!) so I think I have a bit of beefing up to do. I hope to get the first draft done before the summer holidays so that I can give it a rest, and then come back to it and work up some of the characters and plotlines a bit more critically. It is a first draft after all, but still, I’m rather pleased!

Desktop Scene

If I’m sounding a bit smug here, don’t be fooled – elsewhere, there have been balls getting dropped all round. Last week, my husband and I failed to notice that our oil tank was running dry and we ran out of heating fuel over the weekend (didn’t put that in my fancy bullet journal, now, did I? 😉 ) Let’s just say, a weekend without heating in the far north of Scotland isn’t fun. 🙂 On the plus side: snuggles and movies. And an added bonus – at least we didn’t get more snow!

Thankfully, we had plenty to entertain us while we were snuggling and fighting over hot water bottles, and this week, I have plenty of the week’s little loves to share. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me tell you all about them. Hurrah for books, films and the rest, eh readers? All the little things that add up to make life sugar sweet. 🙂


This week I’ve been reading Faking Friends by Jane Fallon. This is a properly juicy and indulgent read if you’re on the lookout for something fun. It’s all about a woman who finds out her fiance is having an affair with her best friend and sets out to exact revenge upon them. When I read on the blurb that Jane Fallon once worked as a producer on one of my all-time favourite shows This Life I knew this book was going to be very, very good.

Faking Friends


Last week, I had a burst of nostalgia and watched Pretty in Pink (circa 1986 Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy), after a friend posted a Facebook update about the film being over 30 years old. Sigh – is anyone else old enough to remember the glory days of the Hollywood Brat Pack? This film brought back so many memories of repeat watching on VHS in my teenage years (obviously *cough*, I was viewing it several years after it initially came out 😉 ).

At the weekend we also sat down as a family and watched Goodbye Christopher Robin. If you’re a Winnie the Pooh fan like me, it’s something you’ll absolutely love. However, it does paint a slightly different picture than the idealised image of Christopher Robin enjoying  a carefree childhood running around the 100-acre wood. It’s a beautifully crafted, very touching film though, and one I’d highly recommend.


This week I’ve been slathering on Childs Farm baby moisturiser in an attempt to help my hand eczema. I’ve been bothered with eczema on my hands now for several months – I think related to hormones – and this cream has been touted in the media as a sort of ‘miracle cure’. So far I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin but I have spoken to someone who said it takes a little while to work – so the jury is still out on that one. In the meantime, if you have any tips on helping eczema in 40- something hormonally challenged women, then please do let me know! 😉


On the subject of hormones, I listened to a fascinating interview on the subject of optimising hormonal health with Angelique Panagos on the Dr Chatterjee Feel Better, Live More podcast last week. If you suffer from thyroid issues, PCOS, or general hormone stuff it’s one I’d really recommend. It really brings to light the interplay between lifestyle, nutrition, stress and the impact on our hormones. Angelique Panagos has written a whole book on the subject called The Balance Plan, and having listened to this interview, it’s one I’m really keen to read.


It’s been all about the meal plan lately, and this week I’ve been making more gluten and dairy-free recipes from the Easy. Tasty. Healthy. recipe book I’ve raved on here about before. Last week I made the yummy chicken tikka masala (which my family now prefer to takeaway) and also decided to shake up the eggs and avocado breakfast routine by digging out my Deliciously Ella cookbook to make some of her yummy granola too!

Chicken Tikka Masala Easy Tasty Healthy

Deliciouslly Ella Granola


After last week’s La La Land little loves swoon-fest, I rushed off and ordered a copy of La La Land (Easy Piano) so I could try to bash out Mia and Sebsatian’s theme in the style of Ryan G. It turns out easy piano isn’t all that easy though, and I spent most of last week cursing myself for neglecting all those childhood piano skills learnt in lessons over 20 years ago. So my youngest and I have gone back to basics and downloaded some piano apps to help us – I’m really enjoying spending time together having a tinkle now and then. It might be a while before I master Mia and Sebastian’s theme though (the letter keys should have been a dead giveaway really, shouldn’t they?….)  😉

Whatever you’re doing this week, readers, here’s hoping you a have a lovely seven days ahead!


Mia and Seb's Theme La La Land

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