Birthday Celebrations, Mother’s Day, La La Land and Too Many Writing Projects #LittleLoves

It’s been a busy week here in the wellies household, and the last seven days have seen my eldest son’s birthday, postponed World Book Day celebrations, two parties and of course Mother’s Day. Add to the mix my writer’s group, the kids’ after school activities and the 101 other things all Mamas are familiar with and it’s fair to say this Mum has been feeling rather pooped! I was more than ready for a little Mother’s Day lie-in on Sunday and really enjoyed a day of relaxing and drinking lots of tea. I think perhaps weekend lie-ins and breakfast in bed for Mums should be an all year thing though, what do you reckon? 😉  I mooted the idea with my husband yesterday so let’s see whether a repeat performance transpires anytime soon! 🙂

Between my blog, said writer’s group and the book I’m also writing, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the words, plots and characters whirling around inside my head. I’m writing a 30-minute play for my writing group while trying to keep up my weekly book and blog workload which isn’t actually really working out that well! This week I think I need to take a step back and give the blog a break for the rest of the week – I was listening to a podcast recently where someone said they can only do two things really well at a time and I can definitely resonate with that! 🙂

Thankfully I do have my relaxation remedies in the form of the Little Loves that make up what I’m reading, watching, listening to, and making each week (the wearing bit is a stretch to be honest 😉 ) . So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me tell you all about them – I’d like to think you might see one that becomes a Little Love for you aswell!


Between last week’s busyness I’m still reading (and loving) How to Stop Time by Matt Haig (very nearly finished it!) But the kids and I did love reading Malala’s Magic Pencil by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai (which I thought was quite apt for International Women’s Day which also happened to fall last week). The book tells Malala’s inspiring story in a manner appropriate for a younger audience -whatever your age, though, I can guarantee you’ll finish this book felling uplifted and full of hope for a better world ahead.

Malala's Magic Pencil

And a little peek at my to-read pile for the coming weeks – also known as that moment when you go to pick up your library reservations and realise you might just have been slightly overdoing it 😉 . Oh well, that’s March sorted on the reading front – the ongoing struggle of too many books, too little time is real!

To Read Pile March 2018


At the weekend we took a group of pre-teens to the cinema to see Black Panther as part of our eldest’s birthday celebrations (side note – how did I end up with a child who is now old enough to be classed as a pre-teen? All the sobs). As much as we enjoyed the movie, I have to admit, there are others in the Marvel series I have probably enjoyed slightly more. Right up my street though, was La La Land, which I chose as designated Mother’s Day evening viewing. It’s the third time I’ve seen it now and it just gets better and better – in fact, as far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty much all-time favourite movie perfection. Entire back catalogue of Ryan Gosling movies, anyone? 😉


Eeek!- open toed sandals, a dress, and some slightly dodgy-looking fake tan when we had the family round for a party for my eldest. Full disclosure – it was very much an indoor party. It’s still March and it’s still the north of Scotland folks! 🙂

Open Toed Sandals


This week I’ve been listening to the new Nadia Narain meditation DVD I mentioned on here last week – when I say listening to, it’s a DVD of course but mostly you’re doing meditation with eyes closed. So far I’m enjoying it but it does make me realise that the yoga I already do is actually quite meditative. Nadia has the most lovely, soothing voice though, so if you fancy giving meditation a try I’d definately recommend.

In the same vein, I’ve also been listening to the Calm mindfulness app which I took out a 7-day free trial on. It’s really fab and has all sorts of things (even bedtime stories!), to help you with feeling more relaxed. Whether I want to stretch to the annual subscription is another thing though – especially as I already have the above DVD I can do daily. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to build mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life I’d definitely suggest giving the free trial a little whirl.

Calm App.PNG


What else this week but a birthday cake! (and lots and lots of other food for our lovely houseful of birthday party guests). I always get a bit stressed in the run up to birthday parties but I also really enjoy them when the time comes. Family and food always makes for a good old birthday celebration, doesn’t it? The only downside was that the cake wasn’t gluten free so I couldn’t actually have a piece myself!

Birthday Cake with Strawberries


That’s it for this week’s round up but I hope it’s given you some things to smile about. I’ll leave you with some Mother’s Day blooms and a wish for all things nice in the seven days ahead 🙂


Mother's Day Flowers

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