Life Within Four Corners – February 2018

Don’t adjust your screens folks, that’s right, I’m still on February time here at Wellies on the School Run. Between writing posts on my latest Little Loves, a Sunday well spent at the beach and World Book Day last week I just didn’t get around to posting my favourite photos of the month. In future I think I’m going to do this round up on a bi-monthly or seasonal basis as I seem to have given myself too many things to focus on in an all-too-familiar rush at month-end time. You know those people who put pressure on themselves to do things and then realise a bit further down the line they just can’t keep up with it? That’s me – ALL THE TIME 😉 .  And so.

Moving on from my personal trying-to-do-it-all-and-failing habit, it’s been a funny old month on the photo-taking front with the Scottish weather offering us a carousel of offerings including Spring, snow and Spring again on repeat. We’ve enjoyed a few more school snow days and also a bit of sun worshipping. Oh well, it gives us something to talk about doesn’t it? – most days I’d be lost without a bit of weather chat. I think about 99 per cent of my Instagram posts include some kind of reference to the weather. So much so that I’m thinking of changing my blog name to something more meteorologically-related – what do you reckon, folks, is Weather on the School Run a catchier name for this here blog? 😉

Snowy Day February

Feet in Snow

Vizsla at Snowy Door

This is Me

Boys Beach Day

Weather aside, it’s been nice to see the first buds of Spring these last weeks, and (even if I did buy them myself from my local supermarket), the joy of simple blooms. Elsewhere we enjoyed walks, cycles and wanders around our lovely town when the sun was out. And a bit of sea-gazing – there’s nothing like a bit of sea-gazing to reset those weary eyes.

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Spring Blooms

February Cycle

Blue Skies Thurso

Thurso East

And reason 5067 I love living in Scotland: our national animal is the unicorn. You can see this statue in Falcon Square in Inverness if you’re ever visiting – bit of advice folks, wherever you go in life just remember to keep on looking up. There’s not much more to say here apart from IT’S A UNICORN. And Scotland and unicorns together – hey, that’s life made in a single square.

Unicorn Statue Inverness

On the blog side, there are always photo-styling opportunities and flatlays. Little secret – I don’t always read books surrounded by flowers and on pristine backgrounds but this little online space of mine is where the pretty rules. In real life the bins have to go out and sinks aren’t always empty. That’s real life but no one wants to see the bins now, do they? 😉 If it’s okay with you I’ll keep the pretty stuff instead 🙂 .

Books Glorious BooksWorld Book Day Favourites

One thing that never needs airbrushing is family, and I’ll leave you with this capture of a heart-shaped rock we found on that said Sunday on the beach. As you do, we took a photo of our feet around it (minus the pawed child who was alas too busy rounding up a pile of seaweed). Things that remain constant in life: family, love and the impossibility of getting a decent family photo including canines. Better luck next time, eh?

For now, four pairs of feet will have to do.


Heart of Stone

If you’d like to find out more about Life Within Four Corners, you can read more here, and I’d love it if you joined in by sharing some of your favourite monthly photos and stories too! You can also get involved on Instagram using the hashtag #lifewithinfourcorners, and at the end of each month I’ll pick a few of my favourites to post up on my feed. See you again soon!