A Sunday Well Spent

Last Sunday we took a trip ‘up west’ to enjoy some unseasonably sunny February weather and sample some of the best beaches the North of Scotland has to offer. We are fortunate where we live to be able to reach something akin to a wilderness within a half hour or so of our front door. The road out west (better known these days as part of the North Coast 500) has always held that special aura of peace and tranquillity. Childhood memories of Sunday picnic outings come rushing back each time we embark on that vast and open road.

We stopped for lunch near the water and munched down on savouries from a village shop as we watched the sea glisten, shine and sparkle. I sipped from my travel mug as we watched a bird of prey hover in the bright blue sky overhead. Ordinary daily moments were elevated to something special as we experienced the rush of excitement brought on by a road trip. That sense of adventure, newness and connection that only a day spent out with loved ones in the natural world can bring.

We stopped at a roadside beach and found it to be deserted. We found a little cove and splashed around happily with the dog. The eight year old sunbathed on the rocks, but Mummy kept her hat on. We came across a heart-shaped stone and took a photo of our feet.

We closed our eyes and listened to the sound of the sea around our bodies. We agreed the sound was like a reset button, pressing pause before the busy week ahead.

We made our way home along that long and windy road and watched the wildness disappear in the rear view mirror.

We looked ahead and homewards. We had spent our Sunday well.

Boys Beach Day
Beach Stand
Gail in Hat
Boy on Beach
Heart of Stone