Binge-Worthy TV, Snowdrop Walks and School Discos – #LittleLoves

It’s been a week of two halves here in the North of Scotland, with a mixture of Spring mornings and wintry afternoons. We enjoyed sun and snowdrops on a Sunday dog walk before a return to actual snow a bit later the same day 🙂 Yesterday the world was pretty and white again – if you read my blog For the Love Of Snow a couple of weeks ago you’ll know I’m definitely a fan!

We also had a varied week on the family front last week, with my writers’ group, the kids’ after school activities, knitting club, and a Valentine-themed disco on Friday night at the kids’ school. It took me back to my days at the youth club side-stepping to Wham and wearing leg warmers and deedleboppers. Oh to be young again eh? Ok, maybe without the embarrassing eighties fashion fails 😉

It’s also been a good week on the Little Loves front, with lots of lovelies in the way of books, films and everything else on the read, watched, made etc. list. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me tell you about what I’ve been loving this week. You never know, you might even find something that becomes a little love of your very own 🙂

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Reflections on Routine

Snow February 2018


This week I’ve been reading I Found You by Lisa Jewell. My sister-in-law recommended Lisa Jewell’s books to me recently and I’m very glad she did. This one is a real page turner about a woman who finds a man who has lost his memory.  If I didn’t need my sleep so badly I think I’d have stayed up late into the evening to have it finished off by now!

I Found You Book

I also had a bit of a mini spree at the charity shop lately where I bought this little clutch of books to add to my growing reading pile. I’ve bought several second hand copies of One Day over the years but keep giving them away to other people to see if they might love it as much as me!

To Read Pile February 2018


This week the Mr and I have been hooked on Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. If you read my little loves last week you’ll know I had just finished reading the book and was keen to see how it had been adapted to the screen. Well, I’m pleased to say the series hasn’t disappointed. It’s quite different from the book in many ways but actually equally as good.

At the weekend we also watched the final episode of McMafia, and Hidden Figures, a film recommended by Morgana in her Little Loves last week. It was such an inspiring story and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It prompted a lot of interesting discussion with our children – it’s still hard to believe that inequality was considered ‘normal’ in a time not all that far removed from the one we live in now.


Yet again I haven’t been wearing anything exciting…. but what I haven’t been wearing (well, not every day at least), has been a hat! We’ve had a couple of lovely days lately just to remind us that Spring is definitely advancing 🙂 Okay, it might be advancing very slowly, but one way or another that change of season is definitely on the way 🙂

Feet in Snowdrops


Last week I caught up on some of Dr Chatterjee’s latest Feel Better, Live More podcasts, and really enjoyed his interview with Rupy Aujla, creator of the Doctor’s Kitchen website, on Food as Medicine and his latest book. I tried out one of Rupy’s recipes at the weekend and I can confirm that it was yummy. If you want to find out more, you can find him on Instagram or at his website here.


Recently I made a few changes to some of my routines and the way I use social media. For now, this means that looking at my phone early in the mornings and after dinner is something I avoid. Not so much New Year’s resolutions as just a natural progression – there’s a whole post here on the blog about routine changes for health, creativity and energy if you think any of this might apply to you aswell.


Next week, we have half term here so I’ll be taking a little Wellies on the School Run breather. But before that we have Pancake Day and Valentines Day – I hope you get the chance to enjoy something nice to celebrate them both 🙂 I’ll be back later in February with lots more Little Loves. Until then, do tell me about the little loves that you’ve been enjoying in this month of all things sugary and sweet!

G x

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