Life Within Four Corners – January 2018

Welcome to the first 2018 instalment of ‘Life Within Four Corners’, where I share some of my favourite photos, and the stories that went along with them, from the preceding month. You can find out all about Life Within Four Corners here, and I’d love it if you joined in by sharing some of your favourite monthly photos and stories too! You can also get involved on Instagram using the hashtag #lifewithinfourcorners, and at the end of each month I’ll pick a few of my favourites to post up on my feed.

The start of the year has seen a lot of variety in the weather here in the North of Scotland. As I write we are battling high winds and battering rain, but January hasn’t always been so, and the month started with some lovely sparkling skies. These pictures were taken on a beautiful crisp morning when I volunteered to do the croissant run, and the sky was filled with a blue and pink sunrise. A reminder that sometimes magic is just around the corner – even if the croissants were cold by the time I got back home! 😉

Dec 17 Pink Sunrise

Pink and Blue Sunrise Caithness

January soon saw fiery skies that more than made up for the lack of Christmas lights, and watching this sunset, I couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere in the universe, a magnificent dragon had just opened his mouth and roared.

Caithness Sunset January

And if he was breathing fire one day, he was blowing bubblegum the next one – I think my son had the best seat in the house for this meditative moment. Pink skies are my favourite (and I’ll happily say that about red ones, blue ones and golden coloured ones too!)

Reflections at Sunset

And there were plenty of Gone With The Wind mornings on school runs and dog walks that had me reaching for my camera. The rain and gales are a little easier to cope with when you have these to scroll back through!

Caithness Sunrise January

Three Trees

Pink Sky and Birds

And then of course, came snow, which inspired a whole post on here last week. The world looks so much better with a covering of the white stuff – here is just a glimpse!

Snow Day

Snowy Scenes Caithness

Marching Through Snow

And of course, there are always books, cups of tea, fresh starts in the bullet journal and my new typewriter 🙂

To Read Pile January 2018

Flowers, Book and Teacup

2018 Bullet Journal Ideas 3

Typewriter and Tea

Oh, and late afternoon walks in the sunshine.

Frosty River Scene

Sunburst Dog Walk

Perhaps January isn’t so bad after all.


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