Snow Days, Rebel Girls and The Secret -#LittleLoves

It’s been a wintry old week here in the North of Scotland, and we’ve been enjoying several days of fun in the snow. It started with a day off school last Tuesday followed by a run of 10 am starts (which we could totally get used to), with lots of the white stuff falling and too many picturesque scenes for words! There’s something about looking out over snow-topped houses that makes the world seem prettier – at least for the first couple of days, before scenes of white are rapidly replaced by a slushy shade of brown (you don’t see that in The Holiday, now do you 😉 ? ) Thankfully, we got to enjoy plenty of the powdery stuff before the big thaw started, and spent the weekend out building a snowman, having snowball fights, making snow angels and doing a sort of snow and body boarding hybrid when we discovered our broken sledge had been thrown out. I think we’ve now exhausted our ‘things to do in the snow’ list just in time for the rain to come, but in all honesty, I’m actually sad to see the snow disappearing as I write. Thankfully I have plenty of other Little Loves to share with you this week, all sprinkled with an imaginary dusting of icing sugar. So, sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy them. But first, of course, some obligatory photos of the snow 🙂

Snow Day

Snow and Trees

Snowy Scenes Caithness


I’ve just finished reading Some Kind of Wonderful from last week’s Little Loves – and oh, it was a good one! The boys and I have also been dipping into Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls at bedtime after I saw it reviewed by Sarah over at Mostly Yummy Mummy not so long ago. This prompted me to buy a copy for my niece’s birthday but short of inviting myself over for sleepovers I hadn’t had the chance to dip into it. So when I saw it on the display shelf at my local library recently I knew I had to grab it before someone else did! It’s such a good book filled with stories of inspiring women like Michelle Obama, Coco Chanel and Marie Curie. The perfect read for rebel girls who believe they can be anything they want to be. And the perfect read for rebel boys whose Mums want them to grow up believing exactly the same thing 🙂

Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls Book


We’ve caught up with the latest season of Vikings over the last week or so, and I also managed to squeeze in another couple of episodes of Outlander – season 3 is shaping up to be really, really good! I also watched a documentary on Amazon called The Secret after a friend told me about it last week. It’s about 10 years old and a bit cheesy in parts but the basic premise has really made me think. It’s all about the Law of Attraction and the idea that the thoughts and feelings we have create the experiences we attract in life. I’m all for positive thinking but hadn’t really ever considered it in this way before. The whole thing was very interesting and has made me piece together some other bits of advice I’ve read in self help books. I’ve been adopting some of these strategies after a year of poor health last year and along with a few other things, I think this approach might actually really help. Not everything in life can be overcome by positive thinking, I get that, but at the risk of sounding a bit ‘out there’, I really do think that tapping into the mental and spiritual side of life is a big part of trying to feel well.


I haven’t been listening to many podcasts lately but I did catch up with some of the latest Worried Writer episodes on dog walks – I like the interview format and hearing how published writers got to where they are. I’m also quite nosy in some ways and enjoy hearing about how they spend their days and structure their writing time. Even if it does sometimes feel like everyone else gets a lot more writing done in their days than me!


It’s been all about the wellies, snow boots and Dubarrys this week – in fact, I’ve been wearing my Dubarrys a lot more lately as they’re much warmer than my wellies in the snow. We also had to rush out and buy my youngest some snow boots as his wellies had started leaking. One bonus is that when he grows out of them they also fit your’s truly – my kids’ feet have taken a growth spurt lately while I remain a smallish 4.5 🙂

Feet in the Snow


What else for this week but a snowman? 🙂 His name was ‘Boaby’, in a rather odd tribute to the Scottish Bard. We have Burns night coming up here this week and my son has been chosen to play Robert Burns at his school assembly. Cue lots of excitement and renditions of ‘Tam O’ Shanter’. And like most of Scotland on Thursday, yes, we’ll be having haggis for dinner (it’s actually very nice!)



That’s it for this week but I hope you enjoyed my snowy round up. I’ll see you again next week for lots more little loves and a dose of all things nice! 🙂


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