The Muse, Stranger Things and Winter Warmers #LittleLoves

It’s been a slightly healthier week in the Wellies household this week and I’m just glad I don’t have to put ‘sick days’ in another title for this post. We’re all back to school, work and the normal Monday to Friday – but after a week of dodging hailstones on dog walks I could do with some slightly better weather if that isn’t too much to ask? 😉

This week we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors reading, binge-watching and making things. So sit back, grab a cuppa – and let me tell you about my Little Loves for the week…. 🙂


This week I’ve been reading The Muse by Jessie Burton, and after a spell of reading mostly non fiction it’s been quite nice to dip back into someone else’s imaginary world. I read about Jessie Burton over on Mostly Yummy Mummy by the lovely Sarah – I’m not too far into this one yet but so far all the signs are looking good.

The Muse Book.JPG


At the weekend we took the kids and one of their friends to see Justice League at the cinema. We’ve seen a few superhero movies lately (Thor, Wonder Woman), and I have to admit this was my least favourite of the three. Henry Cavill (Superman) has been a favourite of mine since his days in one of my all-time favourite shows The Tudors. But if I’m being honest, I think I prefer the more character-driven individual movies where one Superhero really gets to steal the show.

Right up my street this week though has been Stranger Things (and in a rare binge watching flurry, Stranger Things 2 aswell!) This story about a bunch of kids in the 80’s wrestling with other worlds, alien-types and mullet hairdos was exactly the kind of thing I like. I’m showing my age here but it brought back so much nostalgia about my own movie-watching childhood. There are echoes of films like ET, Poltergeist and Stand By Me in there – children of the eighties, didn’t we have it good? 🙂


You might remember a few weeks ago my husband bought me a Jo Malone perfume for my birthday. I’ve fancied a Jo Malone perfume for ages now but the huge array of choices had left me a bit confused! In the end I settled for Peony and Blush Suede which is the one I kept coming back to. I’m wearing it a lot just now and I have to say I think I’m smelling rather nice! 🙂

Jo Malone Perfume.JPG


I haven’t been listening to any podcasts this week, but our Stranger Things binge watch has got me in the mood for all things 80’s on my music playlist. Think Wham, Bananarama, and The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera. More school disco than Stranger Things, I get it – but hey, that was the soundtrack to my pre-pubescent eighties life.  🙂


The bad weather has meant lots of making this week – I seem to be making soup and bone broth on a constant rotation just now. There’s nothing quite like the smell of chicken broth filling the kitchen when the weather outside is really bad, though. It’s one of those comfort things that just makes you feel like you must be doing yourself some good.

Winter Soup.JPG

I’ve also been making a winter warmer hot toddy with this recipe by a lovely local family of herbalists this week. After seeing them talk about their winter health tips on the Countryfile TV show lately I really wanted to give this concoction a try. It was very tasty and I have to admit I drank the whole lot in a one-er! This time next week I expect to be positively glowing with all sorts of winter health. 😉

Botanica Health Winter Warmer Hot Toddy.JPG


I’ve been going through a bit of a quote phase again lately and I rather like this one I posted on my Facebook page recently. It very much falls in with my philosophy about becoming the things you expose yourself to in life. So it’s off for another week of adventures and being with people who bring out your best self people 🙂 And whatever the week ahead brings, here’s hoping it’s filled with lots of little loves, happiness, adventures and fun.


You will be in five years quote

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