The Hidden Life of Trees, More Sick Days and Goodbye to Mad Men #LittleLoves

How can it be that it’s Tuesday again already? The last week has passed in a fog of sick bugs and days off school. My eldest caught my youngest’s vomiting bug and then they kindly shared it with your’s truly. On the positive side, they were able to make their own breakfast and tidy up the house while their Dad was at work and I was lying low. They quite enjoyed the independence and it showed that they can do a lot more than I sometimes give them credit for. All I need now is for them to learn how to make Mummy breakfast in bed and a lovely cup of tea! 🙂


Anyway, take my advice – you don’t want to spend your Sunday throwing up and feeling awful. No, you want to spend it drinking coffee and reading lovely books about the secret lives of trees. I’ve been loving this book I spotted on the display shelf at my local library. If you’re a nature geek like me then I’m guessing you’ll probably love it too!

The Hidden Lives of Trees.JPG


Last week we came to the end of the final season of Mad Men. 🙁 I just don’t know how I’m going to cope without my nightly fix of Don, Betty, Peggy and the rest of the Sterling Cooper gang. This is almost as bad as when Pacey and Joey took off into the sunset, or when I realised I’d never again see a new episode of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a ridiculously good looking Henry VIII. As you can see I get very attached to my favourite box sets. Post Mad Men existential crisis here I come. 😉


This week I’ve been pulling on my Dubarry boots for dog walks. I bought these a few years ago and if you do a lot of walking I have to say they’re really very good. I rotate between wellies, these and hill walking boots for my daily outings. I did consider ‘Dubarrys’ or ‘Hillwalking Boots on the School Run’ as my blog name but I didn’t think they had quite the same smile-inducing ring! 🙂

Dubarry Boots.JPG


This week I’ve been dipping in and out of the ‘Creative Penn’ podcast. For a while now, I’ve been doing an online course on the business side of writing with author Joanna Penn. I didn’t realise till recently that she also does a podcast which covers loads of topics for creative people. There are so many to choose from but I thought I would start of with this one about successful blogging, longevity and authenticity with Yaro Starak.


There hasn’t been much making going on this week but I have been tinkering with a new spread for my bullet journal to keep track of things I’d like to watch, listen to or read. Oh, and doing silly doddles about Mad Men (I know, by now you think I’m crazy). If you have any ideas for things you think I might enjoy then please feel free to let me know!

Mad Men and Bullet Journal.JPG


So that’s it for this week’s Little Loves, and here’s to a (fingers crossed) healthier week ahead! Oh, and my eight year old asked me to tell you that he took the photo of Mummy in her Dubarrys. I think he did a great job – now we just need to work on that lovely cup of tea…. 😉


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