Remember Me

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that as well as blogging, I also write fiction and, occasionally, the odd piece of poetry. Recently, I wrote a poem for a family who had experienced a very sad loss, and although I wrote with a certain set of circumstances in mind, I did also hope that the poem might be comforting to anyone experiencing the pain of bereavement, grief or loss. Grief can feel like something of a taboo in our society, especially as the loss becomes more distant, yet in reality, grief never really goes away and is something we learn to carry around with us as we live. The more I see of life the more I think the only thing that really matters is the love and care we show to others. ‘Remember Me’ is a poem about keeping the memories of loved ones alive, and it’s sent with love and care to anyone suffering the pain of losing someone dear.



Remember me in the morning,
When the sun lights up the sky,
Remember me as the waves crash in,
And the seagulls swoop and cry.

Remember me in the roses,
And the flap of the butterfly’s wings,
Remember me in the rainbows,
And the morning bird that sings.

Remember me in my favourite song,
In the things I’d say and do,
Remember me in these simple ways,
And I’ll still be there with you.

Remember me in the starlight,
And remember me in the rain,
Remember me in the gentle breeze,
And you’ll feel my love again.

For I never asked to leave you,
How I wished that I could stay,
So remember me in the morning,
And I’ll never go away.




Gail Brown, 2017