Life Within Four Corners – June 2017

Welcome to this (slightly late) June instalment of ‘Life Within Four Corners’, where I share some of my favourite Instagram photos, and the stories that went along with them, from the preceding month. You can find out all about Life Within Four Corners here, and I’d love it if you joined in by sharing some of your favourite monthly photos and stories too! You can also get involved on Instagram using the hashtag #lifewithinfourcorners, and at the end of each month I’ll pick a few of my favourites to post up on my feed (thanks so much to those of you who’ve already been joining in!)

Whilst we didn’t quite get the heatwave that some of Britain experienced last month, up here in Caithness we still had plenty of lovely weather – and hey, we’re delighted to reach the heady heights of 17 degrees! I took this photo en route to Inverness on a day trip – if you look closely and squint a bit you might be able to make out Dunrobin Castle, one of my all time favourite views.

Dunrobin Scene

I’ve been loving the cotton and the daisies this month and as usual I’ve been messing about with that blogger cliché of photographing peoples’ feet. I do have the top half of this photo of my son’s legs, but for some reason the bottom half made me smile. I love this time of year and all the wildflowers, buttercups and greenery. My dog seems to love the summer months just as much and spends most of his time cow-like, munching on the grass!

Continuing with the green theme, we’ve had some lovely family cycles recently – you might just be able to make out my kids in the distance in this one – miles ahead of Mum!

Sunny Cycling.png

And just to inject a bit of variety, here’s a photo of Daddy’s breakfast in bed for Fathers Day – we had to rush out and buy a tray as it turned out we didn’t even own one. I’m hoping I’ll see the benefit of this myself at some point, everyone should get breakfast in bed occasionally, right?

Fathers Day Breakfast.png

And here’s a little flatlay I put together for a writing post – coffee and flowers of course obligatory (and I’ll let you into a little secret, I don’t actually drink black coffee, the black coffees you see in my photos probably belong to Dad).

Writing and Coffee.png

And just to finish off, another green-and-flowers combo, the lighthouse at Chanonry Point on a recent visit to the beautiful Black Isle. Whilst I was really there to look for dolphins, I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture. There’s something wonderful about an array of wildflowers – quite literally a port in any storm.

Chanonry Point Lighthouse.png

And that’s it for my round up of this month’s Life Within Four Corners – I do hope that you’ve enjoyed. I hope to see you again next month when you can join in with some more of my adventures.  Here’s to making memories in words, rectangles and squares!