Life Within Four Corners – April 2017

Welcome to the second outing of ‘Life Within Four Corners’, where I share some of my favourite Instagram photos, and the stories that went along with them, from the preceding month. You can find out all about Life Within Four Corners here, and I’d love it if you joined in by sharing some of your favourite monthly photos and stories too! You can also join in on Instagram using the hashtag #lifewithinfourcorners, and at the end of each month I’ll pick a few of my favourites to post up on my feed (thanks so much to those of you who’ve already been getting involved!).

April was all about the Easter holidays here – yay!- and you can find out lots more about our Easter holiday adventures road-tripping around Scotland in my post 12 Reasons to Plan a Scottish Road Trip (you’ll even find my first foray into video-making there too!). I loved this photo of my two boys on a deserted beach in Sutherland (I admit it was a posed one as I wanted to get a close up photo of children holding hands for a post I was writing on helping children to be kind). When I zoomed out I loved the perspective of the two of them looking out silently to sea, and so I decided to grab a little snap of it before our mini photo shoot was over. I don’t often ask my kids to pose for photos (think forced grins, bribery and complaining) but in this case I was actually quite glad I did – and funnily enough we managed it without any forced grins, bribery or complaining whatsoever!

Beach Boys

This next photo was one of my more standard, au naturel shots of my family exploring and my youngest racing off into the distance and enjoying the salty air in his lungs. I love pictures that share the freedom and excitement of childhood, but I also tend mostly to use photos from behind or at angles that don’t show off my kids’ whole faces. Not that my children are too concerned about this currently – apparently their ambitions are to be You Tubers when they grow up!

Beach Freedom

There are almost always sunsets and sunrises on my feed and this month was no exception. Here’s a lovely pink one we enjoyed at the beginning of the month.

Pink Sunset.png

And flowers. Flowers are also standard issue. Can you believe these roses only cost £2?


Coffee and cake are also pretty Instagram basic. These pictures were taken at the Mountain Coffee Shop and Hillbillies Bookstore in Gairloch (great place if you ever get the chance to visit). I’m a goats milk drinker myself but I’ve yet to find a goats milk latte on offer basically anywhere. So when I’m on holiday I do treat myself to a cows milk one on occasion – and I have to say this particular latte was really very good!

Coffee and Cake


Scenery is also a trademark of my Instagram. I caught this view of Orkney and the Hamnavoe ferry making it’s way over on a really beautiful evening at the beginning of the month.

Orkney View.png

And I was quite jealous of this bear and his lovely view when we stayed at a campsite near Achiltibue.

Bear Achiltibuie.png

Back to the beach, and you know you’ve had a good time when your (well, your child’s) shoes are filled with sand for the best part of a fortnight.

Sandy Shoes

But, once again the end of the month is on the horizon – and I’ll be back with lots more of my Life Within Four Corners in May.

Rocky Beach

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