Life Within Four Corners

One of the things I love above blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to indulge several of my passions, and as much as I love writing, I also enjoy taking photographs, developing creative content, and interacting with other people. I find that my favourite social media platform, Instagram, allows me to do all these things and I can regularly be found on there posting pictures of sunsets, flatlays and cups of tea and coffee (and one reason I love Instagram is because it’s absolutely ok to post random pictures of cups of tea and coffee). Instagram is also something of a mini blogging platform in itself, and I love poring through pictures from other Instagrammers and enjoying snippets and inspiration from their daily lives (even when I don’t always have time to read their actual blog posts). Anyway, I take a LOT of photos – leading not so long ago to my husband sending me an article titled something along the lines of ‘People Who Ruin Walks by Stopping Every Five Seconds to Take Pictures’ – and so I thought it might be nice to share a few of the offending pictures over here occasionally on the blog. I’ve decided to title this little series ‘Life Within Four Corners’ which happily no one appears to have thought of as a hashtag and so I’m going to go ahead and use it.  If you’d like to join in with #lifewithinfourcorners please pop over and follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag in your photos (which could be of anything life-related really – see above comment on sunsets, flatlays and cups of coffee for ideas). If anyone uses it I’ll pick a few of my favourites to share at the end of the month (the point where I end up feeling very embarrassed when absolutely no one but me posts anything whatsover). No matter – as I’m always happy to keep sharing my own life within four corners right here on my own little corner of the Internet. And here are a few snippets of my life within four corners for now:


We are still getting the odd frosty morning here in the North of Scotland and I do love looking out over scenes like these when I take my dog for a walk each morning. Days like the ones pictured make me feel very lucky to live in the Highlands, and also grateful to have a dog who needs walking no matter how much his Mum here has to fit in within the day!

Frosty River

Seasonal bulbs and daffodils have been making my home feel a little brighter lately. There’s nothing like bringing the outside inside to get you in the mood for Spring.

And here’s one of those random cups of coffee. This was a nice latte from one of my local favourites the Blue Door Diner (also one of the best places to visit in the North if you enjoy a fantastic burger).

Blue Door Diner Latte

I’ve also been trying my hand at a bit of food photography recently. These were our offerings for pancake day and my son’s tenth birthday – zoomed in to cleverly avoid the table top carnage that is snack time with two boys.

I also quite like taking pictures of random power equipment (you are probably now starting to sympathise with my husband).

And wall art – I love this Banksy-style graffiti I often pass when I’m out and about.

And I love a fresh bunch of flowers – I adored the colours of this bouquet I got for my parents the other day for babysitting our furbaby.


And a sunset – this is one I took at Loch Morlich near Aviemore a little while back.

Ducks Loch Morlich.png

And trees – I’m a big fan of the old part-tree, part-sky combo.

And then there’s the part-sky, part-bird feeder combo – which was really just because I was still in my PJ’s and couldn’t go further than the back garden.

Pink Skies.png

And finally, my youngest and my niece walking in the sand dunes – I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of sand dune action? I just hope we don’t need our hats and jackets for too much longer!

Kids in Sandunes.png

And that’s it for my life within four corners round up. I’ll be back soon with more snippets of my life in squares (and the odd rectangle). Hope to see you again then!

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