No Bake Christmas Pudding Biscuits

It’s the day of the school Christmas fayre, the cubs party or the local Christmas coffee morning and you realise that in amongst the hundreds of reminders you’ve accumulated since the beginning of December, you’ve forgotten you should have been baking. Sound familiar? Well, never fear, help is on hand in the form of these extra-easy biscuit Christmas puddings I made when I found myself in the same position just yesterday. I’d seen these little Christmas puddings on a few Instagram accounts lately (see, there are benefits to spending too long looking at little square pictures of other peoples’ cups of coffee), and while I can’t take the credit for the original idea, whoever came up with this time-saving party gem deserves a big Christmas thankyou/ho-ho-ho from last minute parents everywhere.

All you need to do to make these cute little puddings is 1) grab a few packets of dark coloured round biscuits – I chose oreos, milk chocolate digestives and Tunnocks tea cakes as these were the ones I’d seen in photos – 2) mix up some fairly thick white icing using icing sugar and a dash of water – 3) spread a little of said icing over the biscuits in the style of a coated Xmas pudding, and – 4) finish by adding a little green and red fondant icing shaped into something like a holly sprig design on the top. And that’s it – simple as anything. Judging by my son’s reaction these went down very well at his cubs Christmas party last night – if you too want to earn some easy parent kudos, why not give them a try? *sparkly cute Christmas star not included*